We at JUWELIS care about nature, environment, the well-being of people and animals. We always have.
For that reason, we developed a sustainable travel concept to create positive impact to our planet and travelers and we went one step further than the traditional ecotourism. We added the “boutique” factor which means that all our tourism partners are small organizations but highly specialized in their field to make our clients feel special.

All our eco-boutique-tourism hotel & resorts have been carefully chosen and are defined by their responsible practices in sustainability, conservation, and social responsibility.
A new way of tourism for like-minded travelers who look for pampering body, mind and soul, indulging in natural hot springs, deep breathing fresh mountain or sea air, feeding their mind with cultural activities at UNESCO protected heritage, harvesting wine, pressing virgin olive oil, yoga, visiting art galleries and much more.

Ideally, the following selected projects are combined with our green airport and stem cell treatment facilities.

Our project in Bulgaria:

Nestled in Bulgaria’s East and surrounded by its own 35 ha vineyards, a beautiful chateau with 11 unique equipped rooms fulfills the required JUWELIS eco-boutique requirements where body, soul and mind activities are being offered such as yoga, meditation, local cooking courses and integrated activities in harvest and production of the chateau’s top wine selection which includes Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay.

Our project in Mallorca:

A traditional “Finca”, built in 17th century has been transformed into a jewel with 15 individual rooms, with pool, 10ha of oil producing olive farm and vineyards.