Our Projects

JUWELIS always hand selects charities in countries where JUWELIS works on commercial projects, such as:

  • Main sponsor of EBOLAPP Tracking App during Ebola epidemy in Liberia in 2015. Today, it has been renamed to EPICOM and is available on IOS and Google store as Corona tracking tool
  • Teaching villages in Laos to produce soap to keep hygiene and create a small income
  • Supporting children in Laos to get away from drugs by doing sports and assisting to build their own business by planting and processing Moringa
  • Supporting women in Cambodia to create income with handcrafted work
  • Supporting women in Mexico to create better income by changing farm land from corn to Moringa
  • Supporting an orphanage in Morocco
  • Supporting artists in Mexico to teach children creating artwork
  • Supporting a rural hospital in Cambodia with donations for medication
  • Supporting Cambodia farmers to build water retaining and irrigation systems
  • New projects are currently in preparation in Bulgaria

JUWELIS Human Care

At JUWELIS Human Care Association, we are fully committed to our ideology to give back to the local communities. We are a registered non-profit organization audited by a well-reputed international firm and regulated by Swiss Law.

Our Philosophy

JUWELIS Human Care Association supports carefully screened and selected underprivileged groups in several countries with our operational base. We dedicate a minimum of 10 percent of our profits to humanitarian causes and activities.
Our partners and the general public play a vital role in making out mission a reality due to their contributions and donations. Therefore, we always welcome new partners and members of the public to join our cause.

What We Have to Offer?

At JUWELIS Human Care Association, we are personally and proactively involved with selected, well-reputed charities globally and guarantee proper distribution of your donated goods and funds. Additionally, we take pride in our strong alliances formed due to collaboration amongst several NPOs to work under one umbrella.

How to Contact Us

If you are a local charity looking to work with an organization with global outreach, we can help. Furthermore, if you are a donor who wants to ensure that your contributions and funds reach the rightful communities and people, the JUWELIS Human Care Association offers you that peace of mind.