Art Gallery

Techniques vary, art stays the same — Claude Monet

The art market is booming. Almost 90% of global wealth managers recommend investing in art and benefitting from the over USD 60 billion market.

How about possessing an original masterpiece of Picasso?

With the JUWELIS “State-of-the-Art Gallery” it is possible for almost everyone.

Through JUWELIS’ network to top galleries and museum as well as to the most renowned appraisers, the excellent JUWELIS IT team and the JUWELIS Global Advantage Fund, we are able to offer different opportunities to art lovers:

1. Traditional Sale

JUWELIS currently holds a portfolio of some of the most famous painters such as van Gogh, Rubens, Goya and Picasso in a value of a few hundred million USD. Some can be sold in a traditional procedure with the highest confidentiality to JUWELIS’ top net worth cliental portfolio. Naturally, we also work with some of today’s raising stars in the art world.

2. Sale of Art through State-of-the-Art Gallery Concept

Buyers get a chance to participate in world’s most famous artwork and take advantage of the stable and sustainable state-of-the-art gallery concept. The very interesting return is secured though JUWELIS rotating system to lend the art to the inhouse network of top galleries and museum in the world.

3. Tokenization of Art

We are shifting towards a new digital world and JUWELIS decided early on to take advantage of this new opportunity. With many years of learning, evaluating, and collaborating with the most qualified IT and Blockchain developer in this field, JUWELIS is able to use the latest development of Blockchain technology to tokenize renowned art, as soon as all financial and legal regulations are complied. Our goal is with this state-of-the-art concept that anyone will be able to invest in a small piece of a world-renowned art piece and benefit just as the wealthiest art collectors have dome in the last decades.

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