JUWELIS Green Technologies
JUWELIS and partners are proud to offer the latest technologies in the field of renewable energies.

  • Energy Container
  • Wind Turbines
  • Wind Turbine Parks
  • Hydro Turbines
  • Photovoltaic Generator
  • Photovoltaic Parks
  • Biomass Dryer
  • Geo Thermo Energy
  • Block Heat Power Plant

The JUWELIS Energy Container is just one of many technologies. It is the most desired by our clients.
Reaching independent energy anywhere in the world with the JUWELIS Energy Container, which is designed and manufactured in Germany, EN 61400-2 certified, sustainable, variety of applications and easy handling. The JUWELIS Energy Container is a hybrid power plant that ensures the highest available of reliable energy without connection to an electrical grid. The unit is ideal for areas with limited or no electricity, for disaster zones, for mining and survey sites. There are many more possibilities for the JUWELIS Energy Container.