JUWELIS Digital Systems bespoke blockchain support across many sectors

We are working on a number of exciting blockchain projects with our extended IT team and details will be announced shortly.

  • Delivering Customized Support for Blockchain across Diverse Sectors
  • Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain
  • Blockchain Technologies Facilitating Digital Twins Application in IoT
  • Blockchain Influence on the Public Sector
  • Collaborations for Blockchain
  • Banking Sector and Blockchain
  • Blockchain and Financial Infrastructure Future
  • Blockchain Technology and Investment Management Firm

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain has the potential to reshape economy, politics and our whole society. We are just at the beginning of this journey, but with such a potent technology it is better to be a shaper then a spectator.

At JUWELIS we are focused on the creation of solutions based on blockchain technology. We cover all industries and is tightly connected on a global level with specialists groups across the Blockchain space. We combine our firm’s
technological, industry and strategic knowledge with our ecosystem of external cooperation partnerships.

Delivering Customized Support for Blockchain across Diverse Sectors

Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that can transform multiple businesses, reshape our economy and politics. Although we have just started this journey, it is better to become a contributor than a spectator with such powerful technology at hand.

At Juwelis, we focus on creating solutions based on innovative blockchain technology. Our company covers diverse industries, and we stay connected with blockchain specialists worldwide. We integrate our industry knowledge,
strategy, and technology with our external collaborative ecosystem to deliver effective outcomes.

Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain

Distributed digitized ledger that records, safeguard, and shares information immutably is blockchain technology. It can help the CRE industry to address its inaccuracies and deficiencies. According to the 2015 World Economic Forum survey report, blockchain technology will store 10% of the information about global GDP by 2025. You can review this survey report to develop a deep understanding of blockchain technology’s value proposition and its application to the real estate management and leasing, sale, and purchase transaction processes.

Blockchain Technologies Facilitating Digital Twins Application in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) growth is expected to reach over 25.5 billion by 2030. These innovative devices will support millions of digital twins (virtual simulation of real-world objects) through valuable data streams. Today, blockchain technology seems to be the most suitable and efficient tool to produce, monitor, track, and exchange these digital

Blockchain Influence on the Public Sector

The influence of blockchain on the public sector will not be apparent but remain behind the scenes. This revolutionary technology can bring efficiency, speed, and security to various processes and services. However, government agencies need to look into ways to integrate blockchain technology into their functions.

Collaborations for Blockchain

Blockchain technology needs collaboration to take effect. That’s why organizations, including competitors and allies, are working together in a consortium. But such ventures need proper planning, commitment, and investment.

Banking Sector and Blockchain

In today’s complex macroeconomics environment, increasing investor’s and regulatory pressures, banks are seeking innovative ways to lower their costs and increase profitability. Blockchain technology can be a life-saver for these financial institutions in such situations. Investors, banks, scholars, regulatory authorities, technologists, entrepreneurs, etc., are now embracing blockchain, like many other similar technologies, in the banking sector. As a result of blockchain adoption, multiple research analysts are predicting positive growth such as efficiency gains, significant cut down of costs, new models of generating revenue, and significantly lower risks across the industry.

Blockchain and Financial Infrastructure Future

The financial industry’s transformation is a top priority for everyone within the industry. As digitization is a game-changer for all sectors, blockchain (distributed ledger technology) has become a hot topic of debate. But the question is how this technology can help financial organizations? This report from World Economic Forum and Deloitte adopts a pragmatic approach to answer this critical question.

Blockchain Technology and Investment Management Firm

Blockchain technology is powerful enough to transform the value chain of asset management. The earlier the firms will adopt this technology, the better rewards they’ll reap. A report by Deloitte investigates the unique development of
blockchain and presents a six-step process to guide its implementation. By using blockchain as asset management
technology, you can position your organization for a bright future.